Singapore Water Agreement with Malaysia

Singapore-Malaysia Water Agreement: A Historic Deal That Endures

When it comes to the topic of water scarcity, Singapore has been one of the few countries in the world that has been able to successfully manage this global challenge. One of the primary reasons for this feat has been the landmark water agreement Singapore signed with its neighbouring country Malaysia in 1962.

The agreement is essentially a long-term water supply agreement, which ensured that Singapore would have access to fresh water from across the Johor River in Malaysia for 99 years. This was a strategic move by Singapore, as it helped to safeguard the country`s water supply and address the critical issue of water scarcity, which has always been a concern for the island nation.

The agreement has been updated and revised over the years, the most recent being in 1987, with both countries working together to ensure the successful implementation of the agreement. This partnership has enabled Singapore to remain self-sufficient in water and has helped to ensure economic stability and social progress for the country.

Under the agreement, Malaysia has agreed to supply Singapore with up to 250 million gallons of raw water per day at a fixed price. In exchange, Singapore agreed to sell back to Malaysia a portion of the treated water at a higher price. This arrangement has been beneficial to both countries, as it allows Malaysia to benefit from Singapore`s advanced water treatment technologies and Singapore to benefit from a reliable source of raw water supply.

Despite several challenges and disputes that have arisen over the years, the agreement between Singapore and Malaysia has endured and has been regarded as a model international agreement for resource sharing. The agreement has not only ensured Singapore`s water security but has also contributed to regional stability and cooperation.

In conclusion, the Singapore-Malaysia water agreement is a remarkable example of how two countries can come together to tackle a common issue and achieve mutual benefits. The agreement has been instrumental in helping Singapore to overcome its water scarcity challenge and has paved the way for other countries to learn from this successful collaboration. While there may be disagreements from time to time, the commitment of both Singapore and Malaysia to work together has been the key to the enduring success of this historic agreement.

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